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Imagine getting rewarded for doing stuff you already do. Here at RewardIt, we'll soon be offering an amazing deal: earn free reward points for almost everything you do online. Cash in those points for amazing stuff, like gift cards, electronics and more.


Earn Reward$ for Printing and Redeeming Coupons? Check. Doing searches? Check. Playing games? Check. Filling out surveys, watching videos, earning cashback AND points when you shop? Check, check and check.


It won't be any easier. And watch those Reward$ pile up. Save them all up for a big award, or cash some in along the way an treat yourself to something cool.


It doesn't get any better or easier. Keep your eye out for our launch soon. Start right now by entering to win $1,000.00 and you'll also get notified when we launch. Are you ready to reward yourself? We are.

Cashback or Reward Points: What’s better for you?


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Rewards for Surfing the Web

Chicken cook book

Imagine earning rewards – like gift cards, books, DVDs, music and electronics – simple for surfing the web. You can earn all of these, and much more, by doing what you do every day anyway. Search on RewardIt for new recipes, to shop or to read … [Read more...]