Cash In Points at The RewardIt Store

RewardIt Store

What will you do with all your Reward$? Will you save them all up for a big electronic item, like an iPad 3? Will you use them to stock up on gift cards at your favorite stores? Will you get some music downloads from your favorite band? No matter what you're in the mood for, you'll find something to get with all your Reward$ points.


Here are some of the awesome things you'll be able to cash in on, once we launch:

  • Electronics - iPads, iPods, laptops, headphones. Whatever you're into, you can get it.
  • Gift Cards - pick up a gift card for yourself or as a gift to just about any major store or website, like Amazon, Target, iTunes, Walmart, Chili's and Starbucks
  • Music - get the latest songs or albums from your favorite artists. Stock up and fill up your music player.
  • Travel, books and tons more!


The RewardIt Store will be chock full of stuff for everyone. You'll be earning points for doing stuff you already do. Watch those points pile up and then have your own shopping spree!

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