Earn Cashback From RewardIt While You Shop

Cash Rewards

Okay, so you think you're a shopping pro? Well, what if you could earn cashback while you buy stuff? And on top of that, you earned reward points for every purchase you made? Sound good? Right here are RewardIt, we'll be offering an amazing shopping cashback program. It's pretty easy and very rewarding.


Step 1: Sign up for RewardIt when we launch. You can enter to win $1,000 right now and you'll be sure to get notified when we go live.


Step 2: Shop.


Step 3: Watch your account balance go up as you get a % cash back on every purchase.


Step 4: Watch your Reward$ points balance pile up.


Step 5: Take your cashback money and treat yourself or your family.


Step 6: Pile up your Reward$ points and cash them in for great stuff.


Sound good? You bet. Keep your eye out for our launch soon!

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